Photo Gallery

Photographs of the regulars, guests and visitors to The White Hart Folk Club, taken by Mick Madden, A request for a full file size image if saved can be made to: also pictures of bygone Black Bull Bender weekends may be viewed by clicking  here on:   Mick Madden Photo’s for Bender pics up to and including June 2016, or click a link below for pictures after June 2016,

2016 September Bender

2017 June Bender      

2017 September Bender

2018 June Bender     

2018 September Bender

2019 June Bender

This is the revamped Google application,I’ve tested this and it works, you may have to join their club (my expression) to fully see the pictures in their highest available resolution and perhaps to be able to copy and print them,You have my permission to do this as long as it is not for commercial gain.     The copyright remains the property of Mick Madden.

(Google in its wisdom, or deviousness  have stopped people sharing photo albums fully publicly without first personally giving invitations, probably to further their own client base)

“Shown above at the moment are the clubs founders and their family, old friends Giles and Mary Heron (still performing at the club each week) and Jim working on the farm when young.